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I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. I have a question for you, fellow Shakespeare nerds. I'm writing this AU set during Henry IV Part II, and part of the AU (bear with me, it's not what you think) is that the Prince of Wales has married before he becomes king.

Any idea how King Henry (or anyone else, for that matter) would address his daughter-in-law, particularly in a casual way? I've heard/wondered about Lady Wales, Lady Monmouth and Lady Bolingbroke, but last names and titles have always been kind of confusing for me in the histories, so any help or insight (or link-sharing, if you think you know someone who might have an answer) would be most appreciated.
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Love high resolution promotional pictures? And also The Hollow Crown? A bunch of hi-res promo shots have just popped up on Tumblr -- or rather, someone started posting Hotspur pictures I didn't recognize, and all of a sudden I knew where so many of the other images I'd seen over the last year came from.

Also, sign-ups are closed, but if you want to follow [ profile] thisengland, the Shakespeare histories ficathon, on DW, [syndicated profile] thisengland_feed is available for your delectation.
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If, like me, you've been keening for Hollow Crown icons, [personal profile] meganbmoore has us covered with 133 icons from all four plays with a pretty good spread of characters.

Have you seen any other Shakespeare-related icon posts? Have you made some? Feel free to post 'em here.
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A few quick news-ish pieces!
  • If you missed The Hollow Crown for whatever reason, each episode is lurking around on YouTube. Get 'em while they're hot.
  • If you poke around in the DeviantArt gallery of Rod Espinosa, you can find neat comic-style illustrations for a couple of plays, including Cymbeline, Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I haven't been able to find a set-up that's more ordered, but if I do, it'll go up here.
  • Via shakespearean, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre plays set to screen in movie theaters in the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, including All's Well That Ends Well, Much Ado About Nothing and, for Dr. Who fans, the production of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus featuring Arthur Darvill. Trailer and poster here.
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    Since The Hollow Crown has given me all these feelings about the history plays, I've been champing at the bit for fannish and nerdy links. Thanks to a fic rec that came my way, I've discovered [ profile] thisengland, which has had a bunch of excellent activity on LJ for quite some time. For instance:
  • Damn Near All the Histories Fic on the Web
  • Resources for getting into the fandom
  • Ficathons!

    I am definitely planning on spending some time browsing, not to mention finishing that Richard II-with-robots AU.

    Do you have any great Shakespeare communities or links you've loved? Know of a particular fic that everyone needs to know about (it can be yours!)? We'd love to hear about it! Comments and separate posts equally encouraged.
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    You're all probably going to hear a lot about my overwhelming love of Cymbeline in the future. One thing that makes me happier than just about anything is seeing other people wildly in love with Cymbeline too.

    [ profile] notinboats has just started a comic adaptation of Shakespeare's clips show (I say that with deep and abiding love), and she's typing up a bunch of interesting notes beneath each page on her process. New pages are due to come out once or twice a week, and the story is set in "vaguely 1940s Britain." Give it a look-see! (She's also got some excellent Shakespeare illustrations on her website.)

    Anyone else know of any good Shakespeare-derived projects floating around?
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    If any of you are the ebook-liking type, or if you just like having a handy electronic copy of Shakespeare's works, the University of Adelaide has some beautiful ebooks available for online browsing or straight-up download in several formats. I had only been aware of the MIT collection, which has been on the internet since 1993.
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    I spent most of last week mainlining Henry IV - I got my hands on the Globe's production of parts 1 and 2 from 2010, which were released on DVD a while ago, and then of course there was The Hollow Crown. After I'd watched them all I had lots of thoughts, and our lovely [personal profile] newredshoes asked me if I'd be willing to post them here. (And I tried to kill my darlings and cut this shorter, I did, but I think I accidentally wrote even more than I did before. I'm sorry.) So, if you're interested there are lots of thoughts and assorted video clips from the Globe under the cut!

    click me )

    If there's a particular scene from the Globe you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if I can get it up.
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    I have not seen it yet, despite the best efforts of my Tumblr dash to make .gifsets of the entire episode. Tonight! But as for you, how did you feel about the final installment of The Hollow Crown?

    Tom Hiddleston and Thea Sharrock, The Hollow Crown, Henry V
    Director Thea Sharrock with Tom Hiddleston (King Henry V)

    Keysmashing, essays, macros, .gifs, declarations of emotion, proposals of marriage, rants, all reactions welcome here.
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    Many people here have Tumblrs or follow Tumblrs. There are a number of great Shakespeare-related ones out there! Some of these are rarely updated, which is a shame, but I would definitely love to hear about more that I've missed if you have them. (The way you can link Tumblrs on DW is <user name="fillintheblank" site="">.)

    [ profile] shakespearean seems to be the most active Shakespeare-specific Tumblr I've seen. Lots of great links to articles, productions, videos and news.

    [ profile] fuckethaythehollowcrown, for all your The Hollow Crown needs.

    [ profile] fuckyeahsleepnomore is for making all of us who haven't had the chance to experience this by all accounts brilliant reinterpretation of Macbeth jealous.

    A few more, more archival than not. )

    So yes! What are your favorite Shakespeare Tumblrs?
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    Well, okay, that's it. I am totally and completely undone.

    Tom Hiddleston as King Henry V enthroned

    How did you cope with Henry IV Part 2? Reactions of all sorts (links, .gifs, flailing, feelings, keysmashing, essays, &c) all very much welcome.
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    Discuss! Share links! Post .gifs! Talk all about your favorite part (which was everything)!

    Hollow Crown mid-century modern post by Jess Johnson
    Mid-century modern poster by [ profile] thatjessjohnson; prints available at the link
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