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Single-topic Tumblrs will save the world.

Many people here have Tumblrs or follow Tumblrs. There are a number of great Shakespeare-related ones out there! Some of these are rarely updated, which is a shame, but I would definitely love to hear about more that I've missed if you have them. (The way you can link Tumblrs on DW is <user name="fillintheblank" site="">.)

[ profile] shakespearean seems to be the most active Shakespeare-specific Tumblr I've seen. Lots of great links to articles, productions, videos and news.

[ profile] fuckethaythehollowcrown, for all your The Hollow Crown needs.

[ profile] fuckyeahsleepnomore is for making all of us who haven't had the chance to experience this by all accounts brilliant reinterpretation of Macbeth jealous.

[ profile] shakespeareanwordclouds isn't often updated (if at all anymore), but I enjoy word clouds as a meme, so, there you go.

[ profile] shakespearesenglish looks into words Shakespeare made up.

[ profile] sixwordbard boils down each play into a very pithy summary.

[ profile] shakespeareconfessions does what it says on the label.

[ profile] shakespeareryangosling and, more recently/consistently updated, [ profile] fuckyeahgoslingshakes are all about yet another meme.

So yes! What are your favorite Shakespeare Tumblrs?