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The Hollow Crown icons

If, like me, you've been keening for Hollow Crown icons, [personal profile] meganbmoore has us covered with 133 icons from all four plays with a pretty good spread of characters.

Have you seen any other Shakespeare-related icon posts? Have you made some? Feel free to post 'em here.
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Thoughts on The Hollow Crown's Henry IV vs the Globe's

I spent most of last week mainlining Henry IV - I got my hands on the Globe's production of parts 1 and 2 from 2010, which were released on DVD a while ago, and then of course there was The Hollow Crown. After I'd watched them all I had lots of thoughts, and our lovely [personal profile] newredshoes asked me if I'd be willing to post them here. (And I tried to kill my darlings and cut this shorter, I did, but I think I accidentally wrote even more than I did before. I'm sorry.) So, if you're interested there are lots of thoughts and assorted video clips from the Globe under the cut!

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If there's a particular scene from the Globe you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if I can get it up.
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The Hollow Crown - Reaction post - Richard II & Henry IV Part 1

Discuss! Share links! Post .gifs! Talk all about your favorite part (which was everything)!

Hollow Crown mid-century modern post by Jess Johnson
Mid-century modern poster by [ profile] thatjessjohnson; prints available at the link