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A list of names this community might have had, beginning here:
  • thebard
  • billyshakes
  • mrshakespeare
  • theworldsastage
  • theplaysthething
  • higuysireallylikecymbelinehowaboutyou
  • theworldmustbepeopled
  • itsnotallbranaghweswear
  • iamhorriblyinlove
  • ohshititsqueenmargareteverybodybackinthecar
  • fuckyeahladymacbethandalsoabunchofotherpeople
  • aseriouslyfreakingtangledweb
  • aplagueoneverybodyshousesnoreallyeverybodys
  • hereforthecrossdressing
  • howaboutthatfifthactresolution
  • loveandabitwithadog
  • exitpursuedbyabearishisgreatestline
  • hismeanestgarment_well
  • alaswhereisthyhead

  • This post always open to more suggestions, the more ridiculous the better (clearly!).

    Date: 2012-07-14 12:07 am (UTC)
    glamaphonic: nikki green looks on | <user name=sincerely_jane> (Default)
    From: [personal profile] glamaphonic
    I've always had a weakness for "billy shakes."


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