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Surprise, friends!

I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. I have a question for you, fellow Shakespeare nerds. I'm writing this AU set during Henry IV Part II, and part of the AU (bear with me, it's not what you think) is that the Prince of Wales has married before he becomes king.

Any idea how King Henry (or anyone else, for that matter) would address his daughter-in-law, particularly in a casual way? I've heard/wondered about Lady Wales, Lady Monmouth and Lady Bolingbroke, but last names and titles have always been kind of confusing for me in the histories, so any help or insight (or link-sharing, if you think you know someone who might have an answer) would be most appreciated.
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The Hollow Crown icons

If, like me, you've been keening for Hollow Crown icons, [personal profile] meganbmoore has us covered with 133 icons from all four plays with a pretty good spread of characters.

Have you seen any other Shakespeare-related icon posts? Have you made some? Feel free to post 'em here.
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Thoughts on The Hollow Crown's Henry IV vs the Globe's

I spent most of last week mainlining Henry IV - I got my hands on the Globe's production of parts 1 and 2 from 2010, which were released on DVD a while ago, and then of course there was The Hollow Crown. After I'd watched them all I had lots of thoughts, and our lovely [personal profile] newredshoes asked me if I'd be willing to post them here. (And I tried to kill my darlings and cut this shorter, I did, but I think I accidentally wrote even more than I did before. I'm sorry.) So, if you're interested there are lots of thoughts and assorted video clips from the Globe under the cut!

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If there's a particular scene from the Globe you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if I can get it up.
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The Hollow Crown - Reaction post - Henry IV Part 2

Well, okay, that's it. I am totally and completely undone.

Tom Hiddleston as King Henry V enthroned

How did you cope with Henry IV Part 2? Reactions of all sorts (links, .gifs, flailing, feelings, keysmashing, essays, &c) all very much welcome.